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A positive future for Northern Ireland building on our strengths

The Bryden Centre and the Centre for Advanced Sustainable Energy (CASE) welcomed the focus on clean energy in the DfE paper Rebuilding a stronger economy - the medium-term recovery towards a more competitive, inclusive and greener economy published in June by the Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland.  Consulting with our industry partners we have identified immediate opportunities for action, at low to moderate cost, that could be tackled quickly, generating growth, employment and creating competitive advantage for local industry.


Our report, Clean Energy – A positive future for Northern Ireland building on our strengths, presents easy and simple options together with ‘shovel-ready’ projects in Northern Ireland that can help rebuild and expand our economy, helping Northern Ireland to become leaders in renewable energy and green industry sectors. Northern Ireland’s abundant natural resources (wind, wave, tidal and solar) in combination with our vibrant agri-food sector give great advantages in a clean, sustainable energy led future. Clean, renewable energy will make our whole economy more globally competitive by lowering energy prices, enabling new industries to grow and directly benefiting our key sectors of advanced manufacturing, digital and life sciences.

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