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Engineering the Energy Transition Conference

Engineering the Energy Transition Conference 26 - 28 Feb 2020

The global energy supply is in transition to low carbon and renewable sources. New economic opportunities will exceed the profound impacts on society, manufacturing, transport and the energy sector from the transition. Successfully profiting from the business and environmental prospects will depend on the effective utilisation of existing and emerging industrial infrastructure for engineering, scaling up and implementing the energy transition. Novel technologies, innovative business models and changing societal drivers are also major components of achieving transition. This conference will showcase the latest technical and policy developments on the path to energy transition. Key sessions will highlight the industrial and technological opportunities for business, research and government arising from the challenges in engineering the energy transition.

This important new conference will provide a forum that will facilitate the harnessing of scientific and industrial capabilities, advanced technologies, new business models and societal drivers to engineer the energy transition. Attending will ensure you are up to date with recent energy transition developments and technologies as well as gaining new insights into the energy transition and its opportunities. The conference will provide a valuable opportunity to connect and share news with international experts from academia and industry as well as senior leaders from government, business and NGOs.

More information can be found on the Conference website

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