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Welcome to new PDRA Dr Ahmed I. Osman

Ahmed is a chemist, and his research sits within the area of sustainable energy; in the field of energy storage, environmental catalysis, biomass utilisation and solar energy. He joined the Bryden Centre in January 2021 as a research fellow at Queen’s University Belfast.

His MSc was on the production of biofuel from renewable feedstocks such as bio-methanol over alumina catalysts. His PhD project had two main themes, the low-temperature total oxidation of methane as applied to after treatment of methane slip and the low-temperature partial oxidation of methane to produce a syngas which is further converted to liquid fuels.

He has experience in heterogeneous catalysis in catalyst preparation, characterisation and testing in different reactions such as dehydration, oxidation, reforming, water gas shift, pyrolysis of biomass along with the kinetic modelling of the thermal decomposition reactions.

His publication in Scientific Reports Journal is in the top 100 papers in Chemistry in Nature publication group journals. He was nominated for Robert V Neher Award (Germany) along with several public talks. He is acting as a reviewer in 10 peer-reviewed journals. He has published more than 40 top peer-reviewed journals (4 in H-Index of 16.8), including three review articles and more than 14 conference proceedings (including three keynotes). He is an editorial board member in Scientific Reports (Nature publishing group) and a Guest Editor for 3 Special Issues in namely, Catalysts (MDPI), Processes (MDPI) and Environmental Chemical Engineering.


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